Goats to Oats! Outreach Round-up and the Need for Change – Ayrton Cooper, Campaigns Manager

Goats to Oats! Outreach Round-up and the Need for Change – Ayrton Cooper, Campaigns Manager

We took our ‘Goats to Oats’ outreach event to Leeds and what a fantastic day it was! We were joined by a dozen activists who helped us give out hundreds of dairy-free cheeses and plant-based milk samples. They went down a treat and we had such positive feedback from the public about buying plant-based foods moving forwards. It is always a wonderful day when we can get out onto the high street and speak directly to consumers about making more compassionate, sustainable choices when it comes to buying foods. A special thank you to Violife and Sheese for providing us with such delicious vegan cheeses to hand out!

British oat milk is a product that Animal Justice Project stands firmly behind and believes that it can a fantastic, sustainable solution to replacing the dairy industry. Not only will it prevent hundreds of thousands of animals from enduring suffering, abuse and exploitation on farms, it will allow for us to reshape our countryside, protect and increase habitats for free-living animals and produce delicious products. 

Check out our video below to see why we must switch from dairy to oat-based milk production:

By no means are we plant farming experts, but at Animal Justice Project we combine both morals and research, and the science relating to dairy and oat farming speaks volumes.

Compared to cow dairy (and goat dairy, which research suggests has a similar impact to that of bovine milk), oat milk…

  • Produces 80% less Greenhouse Gases
  • Uses 60% less energy
  • Employs 10 times less water
  • Makes use of 10 times less land

By using less area and resources, farmland could be utilised in a more efficient way, as well as allowing for vast areas to be rewilded. Not only does this provide suitable ecosystems for our animal friends but further acts as a carbon trap to help with the fight against the climate crisis.

We gave out our brand-new ‘Why Choose Vegan?’ flyers, which outline the environmental impact of dairy and oat farming to show the public why a plant-based food system is vital for a sustainable future for everyone.

Here are some photos of the day but you can view the full album right here on Flickr.

We cannot wait to be back out on the streets for more fun and interactive events just like this! Please make sure that you are signed up to our mailing list or follow our social media channels to hear about our upcoming events.

As always,

For the animals.

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Goats to Oats! Outreach Round-up and the Need for Change – Ayrton Cooper, Campaigns Manager

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