Animals Without Limits: HAPPY 2017

Animals Without Limits: HAPPY 2017

NEW YEARS eve, is not one of my favourite evenings to celebrate.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to celebrate to say good bye to the year of 2016 lessons, and welcome the new year 2017 in, gladly with a glass of Champagne.

The fireworks are making it very hard to be happy and celebrate.

Today is our home back to normal, but it has been tough days, and evenings.

The house of 12 dogs, there have been chaos, with barking, howling and shaking.

It is not only by midnight, it is several days before and several days after.

I am thinking of the wild animals, and also Military with PTSD, well…..all people with PTSD. I cannot imagine what is going on in their minds.

One year, I celebrated New Year in Switzerland. At Midnight all the churches started to play with their churchbells, no fireworks. It was magic very soothing for the mind and soul.

Earlier today I saw in the Swedish newspaper, that many people became absurd with handling the firework, hurting other people, children and even making false 911 calls, only to throw fire work at the ambulance people when they arrived.

May we come to a Solution for next New Years Eve-2018, lets post solutions and not harsh words.

                       Happy New Year all Animal Lovers, lets become better this year 2017.

That’s Amore!

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Animals Without Limits: HAPPY 2017

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