Randoms | My Shetland

Randoms | My Shetland

Not much has happened today.  By choice, totally by choice.  My perfect type of day.

So here are some random photos from my phone that make me smile or feel exasperated – mostly my criteria these days for taking a pic.

Lambie has learned how to steal duck food. He squeezes through the gap in the gate and gets into the pen where the ducks/hens are fed.  So we took the food out and shut him in instead.

So, being Lambie, he made beseeching faces until we let him out.  I was trying to make him take responsibility for his choices. Stupid, I know. He is a sheep.  ‘Nuff said but how can I stay cross at that silly face.  He knows I will give in.

Meanwhile, little Pepperpot is on flying form.  She’s 3 years old now.  Who’ da thunk it?

A rather solid Monster.

He was having a nice kip on the sofa…..

….  when suddenly he wasn’t.  I tried to take a Family Photo and failed beautifully.  Pepper couldn’t sit still long enough for that.  Ted, of course, did his Winning Smile.

And into the “recording studio” for the last of the flute duet recordings.  Mandy and I quickly gave up deciding that two tunes was totally sufficient for anyone wanting to hear us play.  I mean how much torture can anyone want?

And so we went back into my shed and played our flutes all afternoon.  Mandy took this photo of Pepper and I, though she looks like I am holding her in a death-like grip!

I told you the photos were random.

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Randoms | My Shetland

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