Taking 30 Seconds to Take a Video of a Shelter Dog Might Be The Key to Finding Him a Home

Taking 30 Seconds to Take a Video of a Shelter Dog Might Be The Key to Finding Him a Home

Before video took over social media, the only frame of reference people had for a dog’s personality was static images or words. Of course, those convey powerful messages, but the right video can make someone feel like they are actually with the dog, not just watching the dog. That feeling is even more powerful if you take advantage of live video features on Facebook and Instagram.

Remember, it’s awesome if you can have professionals help you make a video, and there are lots who are willing to donate their time, but you can easily create a video with your cell phone.

Here are some tips for creating a great social media video:

Shorter Is Better

Keep videos to 60 seconds or less.

Remember Your Goal

The purpose of the video is to attract adopters. So, focus on the best qualities of the dog. You want people to envision the dog as a pet in their home.

Get In on the Action

Film dogs interacting with people. This can be doing a trick, snuggling, walking, or just being goofy. Encourage staff and volunteers to capture videos of their interactions with the dogs throughout the day.

Show Off Your Playgroup Rockstars

Playgroups are a source of joy for the dogs, and thus a source of joy for people who watch the dogs play. They make great videos for social media and help potential adopters get to know the dogs.

There’s an App for That

Editing videos is a snap these days thanks to the multitude of apps for computers and smartphones. Many of these apps are free or cost less than $5. We like GoPro’s Splice app.

Be Selective with Your Music

Pick songs that are happy, fun, and will resonate with a lot of people. Many video editing apps come with a variety of royalty-free songs.

Be Direct

Upload your videos to Facebook and Twitter directly. Don’t link to other sites. The videos will have a stronger impact this way.

If possible, share videos on your website and the dog’s individual Petfinder (or similar site) page.

Go Live

Let people get to know your dogs and your shelter in real time through livestreaming. You can live stream events, playgroups, adoptions, and enrichment activities.

You can also use livestreams as an opportunity to let your community get to know you and you can educate them in the process. Host a question and answer livestream where you answer questions about the dogs in your care and any general questions they may have.

We know the idea of livestreams can be scary, but don’t be afraid of them! If something goes awry, just go with it. Laugh it off and your viewers will laugh it off, too.

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Feature image via Dogs Playing for Life/Facebook

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Taking 30 Seconds to Take a Video of a Shelter Dog Might Be The Key to Finding Him a Home

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