Man Caught On Camera Raping Female Dog, Animal Lover Attacked For Exposing His Bestiality; FIR Filed

In a shocking incident, a middle-aged man was allegedly caught on camera raping a dog in Delhi, followed by an FIR lodged against him under the relevant sections of the IPC. It was learned that the accused identified as Pawan Malhotra served a respectable post at a private welfare organisation until it closed down. The […]

10 Undercover Investigations Exposing What Animals Endure

Since 2006, Animal Equality has investigated over 817 facilities—mostly industrial farms and slaughterhouses—in 13 countries. Our investigators risk everything to expose the truth about what’s going on behind closed doors, oftentimes going undercover and working at farms or slaughterhouses for weeks or even months. Investigative footage has helped us get justice for animals through legal […]

Exposing Animal Abuse May Land Canadian Farm Activists in Jail – Mother Jones

The judge cut her off a few moments later and refused to let her finish. That’s how the day ended. He would later find her guilty, with the sentence to be determined at a later date. It’s not always the activists who wind up on trial. Over the past 10 years, a wave of activist-driven […]

Exposing Suffering That is Off the Scales – Hope Wetherall, Campaigner

This is the launch of our brand-new campaign: Off the Scales! It’s time to let the world know how urgently we need to act to end the ‘broiler’ industry. Chicken farming is a rapidly growing sector of animal agriculture that forces suffering onto 68 billion sentient chickens annually, threatens public health, and damages the planet. […]

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