Undercover video of Sloth Encounters shows need for Better CARE for Animals Act

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block Our goal in supporting passage of the Better Collaboration, Accountability, and Regulatory Enforcement (CARE) for Animals Act is to strengthen multi-agency collaboration in enforcement of the federal Animal Welfare Act. Recent footage from an investigation at a Long Island, New York captive wildlife petting zoo offers the latest evidence […]

Undercover Footage Reveals Suffering on Multiple Pig Farms in Spain

Animal Equality in Spain has once again pulled back the curtain on suffering in the factory farming industry. And this time, the target was five pig farms in Spain. The evidence was captured by investigators during the pigs’ fattening stage, which begins after they are weaned and separated from their mothers. As the footage shows, […]

A Letter from Marco: Undercover Investigator for Animal Equality

Undercover investigations have played a significant role in raising public awareness about animal cruelty. By providing evidence that would otherwise remain hidden, our investigations have sparked public outrage and calls for reform. A letter from Marco, Undercover Investigator for Animal Equality: I am accustomed to risk and uncertainty; a sudden change of plan; endangering my […]

10 Undercover Investigations Exposing What Animals Endure

Since 2006, Animal Equality has investigated over 817 facilities—mostly industrial farms and slaughterhouses—in 13 countries. Our investigators risk everything to expose the truth about what’s going on behind closed doors, oftentimes going undercover and working at farms or slaughterhouses for weeks or even months. Investigative footage has helped us get justice for animals through legal […]

What we found undercover at infamous trophy hunting convention

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block Elephant-skin luggage and leopard claw jewelry are just some of the supposedly luxurious products our undercover investigator discovered at Safari Club International’s annual hunting convention, where more than 850 exhibitors convened in February in Nashville, Tennessee. As disturbing as the artifacts of animals already lost to trophy hunting were, […]

Federal Appeals Court in NC Says Undercover Filming of Animal Farms is Protected Speech

New You can now listen to Insurance Journal articles! In a decision that animal rights advocates are calling a big win over big agricultural interests, a federal appeals court last week struck down part of a North Carolina law, declaring that it violated the constitutional guarantee of free speech. “Given how vital undercover investigations are […]

North Carolina law banning undercover filming violates the First Amendment

Comment on this story Comment A North Carolina law aimed at stopping investigations by animal rights activists violates constitutional free speech protections, an appellate court ruled Thursday. The 2015 law bars employees from going into “nonpublic areas of an employer’s premises” for reasons unrelated to work and gathering documents or making recordings that “breach the […]

A Letter from Jane, An Animal Equality Undercover Investigator

Jane is an Animal Equality undercover investigator who exposes some of the worst abuses to animals inside factory farms. The images she captures are changing the course of history for farmed animals. But this is not just her fight. In this special letter she wrote you, Jane explains how you, too, have the power to […]

A Letter from Marco, An Animal Equality Undercover Investigator

I’m accustomed to risk and uncertainty; a sudden change of plan. It’s the nature of my work. As you can imagine, ‘normal’ situations in my job aren’t exactly a walk in the park. Sometimes the things I see are almost unbearable. But there hasn’t been a single second in which I thought of stopping or […]

Undercover Investigation: The Horrors Facing Goats at Delamere Dairy – Ayrton Cooper, Campaigns Manager

Major goat dairy brand exposed by Animal Justice Project! Shocking scenes featured in the Independent. As consumers become more aware of the horrors facing cows and calves on dairy farms, a smaller, and lesser-known industry is marketing to those wanting to make kinder, more sustainable choices. Goat’s milk is increasingly promoted as a healthier, more […]

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