Force 11 Out | My Shetland

Force 11 Out | My Shetland

It’s rough outside today.

As an avid weather watcher, I knew the latest storm was on its way so Daisy and I went out early, before it fully revved up to feed the old ladies, Fivla and Vitamin.

We took a good pile of carrots for Newt and Silver too.

I fed Vitamin in the old roofless byre.  The minute she spied us, she galloped speedily up for her food.

Nose in bucket and the food was gone.

After Newt had kicked the shit out of Silver and possibly us (nearly), wheeling round like a gun turret on a tank, he had the temerity to ask for more carrots!  He really is very evil this time of year. Such a disappointment when everyone else has beautiful manners – I may regret that statement.

Evening chores all done, we are now all tucked up with lovely things to eat and drink praying that the electricity doesn’t go off.

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Force 11 Out | My Shetland

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