Local animal park deals with frigid temps | News

Local animal park deals with frigid temps | News

Tupelo Buffalo Park animal care

TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) – Humans are not the only ones who suffer in harsh weather, it affects livestock as well.

The owners and workers at Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo did a lot to prepare for the recent burst of cold.

“We do the extra hay, uh extra food depending on what types of animals we have. ones that are sensitive to temperatures, we have heated rooms that they go into and we keep them heated cause they can’t take the cold weather.” said co-owner Dan Franklin.

If you have livestock, Franklin said to make sure to double up on food and lay out extra hay to give the animals a warm place to stay. He also noted that he breaks up ice every morning and several times a day so that there is water for the animals. 

Thermostats are checked regularly where the animals are, and they also check on them from their cameras. As one can see a lot goes into preparing for harsh weather conditions, but Franklin is happy he has his employees that help him a lot when it comes to situations like these. 

Franklin is grateful for his employees, and how quickly they acted to make sure the animals at the park were safe.

“I just want to thank my crew here. I’ve got a great bunch of people who are working here couldn’t ask any more loyal employees to get out in the cold and do what they do.”

Local animal park deals with frigid temps | News

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