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We have a busy week ahead – tomorrow the equine dentist is visiting to look at and treat, if required, the Old Ladies (Fivla and Vitamin) and the Old Men (Haakon and Iacs) so that they will have good teeth for winter and all the horrors it can bring.  I speak from experience.

So Vitamin started shouting for all her friends and I hate that. It makes her stressed.  Stress is not good for old horses.  So I went and collected all her herd and brought them home in two more loads in my horse-van.

My excuse is the weather is going to be pretty vile this week so it makes sense to have everyone back.  I worried too much yesterday and I didn’t sleep either.

Anyway, the farrier will appreciate being able to work indoors when it is shitting down and blowing a hoolie.

Once everyone was in the field, I took the dogs for their walk.

Old friendships (?) were renewed.

And I had ponies following on the dog walk too.

In rather a determined way.

And can I just say that everyone loaded beautifully to come home – I was by myself.  All was fine until Tiddles went on strike and only loaded because my neighbour walked up behind him.  So, yes, Tiddles, I am not talking to you despite you looking extra cute. You were not helpful standing in the middle of the road and refusing to budge!

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