Mothering Sunday | My Shetland

Mothering Sunday | My Shetland

Today is Mothering Sunday (Muzzah’s Day) here in the UK (I think my over-the-pond friends have a different one which is later).

So nothing much changed in my daily routine. Pepper did her rounds while I fed Fivla and Vitamin.

Ted is not a fan of things equine.

I moved the little boys and old ladies back into their big hill field and they seem happy enough.  I think they like all the space, despite having to really look for anything to eat.

I think I will keep them here permanently (unless it snows) to keep the laminitis at bay.  It is all I can do against this constant battle.

Today is a me-day and all my needs have been met – methinks my daughters know me too well.  So Happy Muzzah’s Day to everyone.

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Mothering Sunday | My Shetland

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