Scovill Zoo offers ‘goofy’ Valentine’s gift for animal lovers

DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) — The Scovill Zoo in Decatur is putting an interesting twist on Valentine’s Day gift ideas. You can adopt one of three insects or animals in someone’s name: a hissing cockroach, a naked mole-rat or a turkey vulture. Prices vary from $20 to $40. If you buy one, you’ll get a picture […]

The 2023 Artisan Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers

My pick of the best hand-made and artisan gifts for dogs, cats, and their people. By Zazie Todd PhD Every year I have fun browsing Etsy to choose the most gorgeous and cute items for my annual gift guide. So if you’re looking for something for your dog or cat this festive season, I’ve got […]

Snake Nearly Swallows Sparrow Whole In Bukit Panjang, Scene Leaves Animal Lovers In Awe

Snake Tries To Swallow Sparrow Whole In Bukit Panjang On 21 Nov Snakes are well known for not chewing their food, but instead swallowing their meal whole. On 21 Nov, a man on a walk in Bukit Panjang spotted a snake doing exactly that, trying to swallow a sparrow twice as wide as it. Photos […]

China’s animal lovers fight illegal cat meat trade

An animal shelter in China’s Jiangsu province is home to scores of cats rescued from the country’s underground meat trade (Rita QIAN) When Han Jiali’s beloved cat Dabai was taken from her Shanghai home last year, she embarked on a hunt for her pet that took her deep into the bowels of China’s underground feline […]

2 Dogs Die After Visiting Kovan Field, Animal Lovers Place Signs Warning Of Alleged Poisoning

2 Dogs Die After Spending Time At Parry Avenue Field In Kovan Some pet owners in Singapore recently had to deal with the unimaginable when their dogs suddenly passed. Their beloved pets apparently died after visiting the same field at Parry Avenue in Kovan. The animal community has since placed signs warning others of the […]

Kilkenny councillor warns of online scam targeting animal lovers

Chairman of Kilkenny’s Animal Welfare Committee, Councillor Andrew McGuinness, is warning people about a heart wrenching scam targeting animal lovers on Facebook. The scam is being posted by fake Facebook profiles in various online market places including many legitimate animal welfare and rehoming groups throughout the country. Speaking to The Kilkenny People, Cllr Andrew McGuinness […]

Animal sacrifices to gargoyle-like statue in Bangkok alarm pet lovers

BANGKOK (The Straits Times/Asia News Network): The worship of a grotesque statue in Thailand believed to offer wealth has piqued the interest of animal rights groups after devotees have begun soliciting puppies and kittens online to use as sacrificial tributes to the deity. The 4m-tall statue of the mythical Khru Kai Kaeo – resembling a […]

Animal lovers have an opportunity to save wildlife with the WRSOS –

The Wildlife Rescue Society of Saskatchewan (WRSOS) is a unique entity in all of Canada. This group comprised of volunteers is dedicating their free time and energy to rescuing wildlife that is injured, stranded, or in other forms of distress. The WRSOS’s sole purpose is to make contact with injured animals and get them into […]

Pet expo draws animal lovers aplenty but rescues have a warning

Thousands of Aucklanders have flocked to this year’s Pet Expo, some hoping to find a new family member to take home. But there are concerns Kiwis are finding pets too expensive, which is putting extra pressure on animal shelters. From bunnies to birds, all the animals a family could want are on display at the […]

Texas VegFest Brought Out Animal Lovers and Activists from Across the State

After 2 years postponed due to Covid, Texas VegFest came back with a vengeance. On Saturday, April 8, hundreds of people gathered at Fiesta Gardens near downtown Austin for the 2023 Texas VegFest organized by the Texas Veg Foundation. The free event featured great speakers and music, plant-based eats–from Indian pakoras and mini pizzas to […]

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