A Decade Later: Vita’s Rescue Inspires Fight Against Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Ten years ago, a dog named Vita was rescued during an undercover investigation by Animal Equality. While Vita’s rescue was a shining moment, we must continue the fight to protect animals in the dog meat trade and sold during the annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival which began today. Vita’s rescue was nothing short of a […]

Wolf vs. Wild Boar: Which Animal Would Win a Fight?

Key Points Wolves are the largest canines, but they rely on hunting in packs to take down large prey in most cases. Wild boars are big, thickly built, aggressive creatures that can stand their ground against predators. Wild boars are bigger than most wolves, and a single boar would probably drive off a single wolf. […]

A Story of Courage, Conviction, and the Fight Against Animal Cruelty

We are up against a multi-million dollar industry that will do anything to prevent the secrets of animal cruelty from getting out. Our monthly supporters fund investigators who risk their lives every day to expose the truth. By becoming a monthly donor, you can help us continue our mission to create a world where animals […]

New progress in fight against puppy mills shows caring about companion animals is a nonpartisan issue

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block In a country where political tempers often run hot, agreement can seem incredibly rare. But, regardless of party affiliation, a consensus is emerging that our companion animals should be treated with basic decency—and this is not how kitten and puppy mills treat dogs and cats. While we advocate for […]

Beloved hawk at Zoo Atlanta dead after apparent fight with wild animal

How zoos and aquariums play animal matchmakers How zoos and aquariums play animal matchmakers 05:11 A beloved hawk from Zoo Atlanta has died after apparently getting into an altercation with a wild animal. The hawk, named Tahoe, had been a part of the zoo’s wildlife theater for more than 20 years. The zoo is still […]

Breaking: Big step forward in fight to ban extremely cruel hunting methods

By Kitty Block and Sara Amundson A new National Park Service proposed rule marks a substantial step forward for some of our nation’s most iconic wildlife species, including brown and black bears and wolves. The NPS rule would ban certain extremely cruel methods of trophy hunting and trapping on Alaska’s national preserves. We have been […]

2022 was a winning year in our fight to stop puppy mills

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block If you’ve been following our advocacy for dogs and cats in puppy and kitten mills, you already know that these mega-breeding facilities treat dog and cat mothers and fathers like moneymaking machines with little to no regard for their health or well-being. Thankfully, each year, more and more people […]

Celebrating Moby’s Fight For Animal Rights

On September 11th, we celebrate the birthday of Moby – a friend of the animals & Animal Equality. Moby has used his platform to advance animal protections, educate his audience & grow his advocacy for all living beings. On September 11th, we celebrate the birthday of Moby, a devoted and compassionate animal rights activist. An […]

All the great progress in our fight against puppy mills this summer

By Kitty Block and Sara Amundson Summer is a time of rest and relaxation for many of us, but there has been no lull in our fight to end puppy mills. We have made real progress in our campaign to stop inhumane dog breeders who mass-produce puppies for sale through third party outlets like pet […]

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