Starfield fans call on Bethesda to add more animal companions

Rory Teale

Published: 2023-09-17T10:29:01

  ❘   Updated: 2023-09-17T10:29:15

Starfield players complained about the lack of furry companions in the game and pleaded for Bethesda to add space pets to travel the universe together.

Starfield was released on September, 6, as one of the most feature-rich games of 2023 and has been pinned for a possible GOTY award.

Players loved the multiple storylines and varied NPC interactions but complained that they couldn’t have a pet to share the galactic memories with.

No Starfield space puppies

“It’s a little insane that humans didn’t bring a *single* animal with them” one player sadly noted.

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The main animals the OP found hard to believe were companion space “dogs and cats.” But given no choice, they thought that there should at least have been rodent critters in Starfield: “hell, rats would absolutely have snuck onto ships as they left [earth].”

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Players were so keen to find a way to have an animal space companion that one fan even started brainstorming the questline for Bethesda developers. “Or an ark of genetic samples, either in a ship or on Earth. Complete a questline to find it and you can clone Earth animals.”

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This idea was so popular that Starfield fans even found a way to cement the idea in reality, referring to the Svalbard Global Seed vault in Norway, where all agricultural seeds are kept in a doomsday vault, but theorizing that the same could exist in Starfield for Earths animals.

Starfield has a persuasion mechanic in the game that allows players to have unexpected interactions with NPCs, like intense staredowns, but Starfield fans are hoping they can persuasion to convince Bethesda to add in Space puppies to partner up with as companions on their adventures.

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Starfield fans call on Bethesda to add more animal companions

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