Ducks and Pepper | My Shetland

Ducks and Pepper | My Shetland

No, this isn’t a recipe for duck and pepper.  We are not that kind of page (!!shocked!!).  We don’t eat family ever, not anyone, though sometimes some of us need a bit of reminding.

I guess the ducks are used to Pepper because she was around when they hatched, albeit the other side of a fence looking on completely hypnotised, agonising about how she could best introduce herself while fierce Mother Duckies let her know what would happen if she did.  In this way, Pepper learned respect which is no bad thing.

I trust Pepper pretty much with the ducks and hens.  She likes being with them, and always has.  She spends time sitting amongst them while they either look on bemused or let her steal their food (this is not encouraged).

And I wonder if Pepper think she is just a slightly different version of the ducks.

To totally misquote Joyce Grenfell “You shall be a Muscovy Duck – only do it gently.”

Dear Little Pepperpot.  And to be fair to Ted, he stays well away.

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Ducks and Pepper | My Shetland

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