Happy 2nd Gotcha Day to Pepper

This time, two years ago, Daisy and I brought Pepper and her sister home on the boat.  Pepper’s sister was quickly dispatched to her new owner and the two puppies went their separate ways. This photo is Pepper’s first – when we met her in Aberdeen.  Notice the iron-hand grip.  Already Pepper had ideas. And […]

Please vote for Pepper in the BC SPCA contest

Pepper has entered a competition to become a Yellow Dog Brewing Star–and he’d like your vote. Photo: Zazie Todd By Zazie Todd, PhD My little dog Pepper has entered a competition to be a Yellow Dog Brewing Star–and he’d love it you’d vote for him. As a BC SPCA alumnus himself, Pepper knows first-hand the […]

Pepper, No!

This is the face of someone who got told off for wanting to introduce herself to the ducklings.  And when I say “introduce”, it wasn’t in a nice way.  Think gastronomic and I found her in the new duckling run. We have no idea how she got in there.  Friends, not food! So now we […]

Happy Birthday, Pepper | My Shetland

Today is Pepper’s 2nd birthday, so happy birthday, little Pepper-pot.  You’ve changed our lives for the better and we’ve made new friends, mostly from having her brought home by complete strangers! And here are a few photos from today’s dogwalk with Ted, whose doing great as well.  He does not get brought home by strangers […]

Oh, Pepper!

Feeding Fivla and Vitamin this morning, while the others looked on (having had their carrot ration), I noticed Pepper was chatting to the ponies. Ted stays well away – sensible lad. Pepper is very confident around the ponies.  She goes round introducing herself to them and they are very kind to her. Very kind indeed. […]

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