Oh, Pepper!

Oh, Pepper!

Feeding Fivla and Vitamin this morning, while the others looked on (having had their carrot ration), I noticed Pepper was chatting to the ponies. Ted stays well away – sensible lad.

Pepper is very confident around the ponies.  She goes round introducing herself to them and they are very kind to her.

Very kind indeed. Even Silver has stopped chasing Pepper with intent to stamp on her.

And all I can say is that Fivla is a saint.

A total saint.  Pepper switched on her hoover for any fallen bits.

And, even though, the other ponies want to steal the buckets, they mostly don’t dare (yes, I’m looking at you Storm!) and they don’t even seem to mind that Pepper is stealing the dropped food – the old ladies are mucky eaters.

I am quite amazed Pepper gets away with this but she does and if anyone minds, she must take the consequences and hopefully learn.  Kolka got a bit narky with her so she sensibly keeps away from her and her bucket.

Pepper is lucky everyone is so nice.

Oh, Pepper!

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