Day in the Shed | My Shetland

Day in the Shed | My Shetland

I am frozen and have come inside to write the blog and warm up a bit (I currently have my feet on a hot water bottle trying to thaw).

And the reason? I am having an “Open Weekend” selling all my and Kolka’s stuff to raise funds for well, everyone, I guess.  Daisy helped me last weekend to go through every shed sorting out what she wanted, what I might want and all the rest can go.

There was a lot more equipment, rugs, etc when we started but folk have been popping by all week and buying things. No one has left empty handied, which is good.

So, I rushed my chores and then made myself a place to sit/work while waiting for folk to turn up.

I took my felting kit and made two sheep during the day.

This was my view all day.   I needed to keep the shed doors open so I could see anyone coming down the track.

Obviously I had company.

Monster popped by too ….. a few times.

And Pepper Pot.

It has definitely been worth doing. As well as Kolka, I had far too much stuff that I never used.  Time for it to go and money will be helpful.

And, apart from the cold, I am enjoying seeing folk and making some space while getting rid of things I never use.

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Day in the Shed | My Shetland

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