So Peaceful Without Newt | My Shetland

So Peaceful Without Newt | My Shetland

Life without Newt is very quiet, calm and orderly (one Newt = the small brown dot in middle distance of the photograph).

We had a lot of rain last night so Newt was stuck the other side of the ditch, refusing to jump over like he has done every day of his life.  He did run up and down a bit like an angry agitated little hippo, which made me laugh.

So I put out the buckets and dished out my rations. Everyone ate theirs (and possibly Newt’s) portion.  It was all very civilised, for a change.

No arguing, kicking someone off their bucket to steal it, no swinging bottoms, no hassling the neighbours, barging into your friend to get his bucket (to name just a few of Newt’s heinous crimes) …… just calm, lovely calm and a sense of peace too.  I didn’t have to watch myself either.  I felt safe amongst my ponies.  Newt can get very unpredictable at times. It’s not pretty.

Even Albie got to eat his entire ration, and he was so happy and relieved.  No anxiety.

And no, I didn’t go over the ditch with a separate bucket for Newt. I left him there to consider his attitude to life and maybe he might change…… (she gives a hollow laugh)!  I have no doubt he will be back with the herd tomorrow and life will be just as it ever is – with everyone avoiding Newt’s backside.

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So Peaceful Without Newt | My Shetland

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