Still Stuck, sort of | My Shetland

Still Stuck, sort of | My Shetland

Went to Leradale nice and early this morning as I had to get onto Lerwick later.

Newt was still stuck.

So, having fed the others, I made the decision to get him over the stream and give him his bucket ration.  And suddenly I saw this small brown hippo cantering towards me.  He had worked it out….. finally!

Newt got his bucket and I could see no obvious signs of suffering, like starvation.

Tiddles quickly came over to join us.

I think everyone wants bigger buckets of food and have stopped being grateful and become grabby and greedy. They forget they are only having vitamins and minerals and not a full meal.  Of course there was a battle and I left Newt to defend his own food, becoming increasingly bored of the rowing.

This is Newt’s nemesis or The Mighty Chasm, as it shall henceforth be known.

Kind of not really a huge deal but it obviously was to Newt who is only 27″ high and possibly wide.

I walked the dogs, dropped them off home, apologised for the crap day they would have, and drove into town.

I haven’t been for a while. I was collecting old sheepskins for Monster’s many cat beds……




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Still Stuck, sort of | My Shetland

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