Animal Place Welcomes two Interns from France!

At the end of February, we welcomed two new interns to the sanctuary. Lucie and Camille came from France and will stay with us for three months. They are volunteers with the Animal Care team and interns for the programs department. 

We asked them to write an article to share a bit more about themselves and why they were interested in interning at Animal Place. This is what they had to say:


Hello, we are Lucie and Camille, two French students aged 23 and 21. Currently in engineering school in Food and Health, we had the opportunity to do an internship abroad as part of our studies.

It was very important for us to find an internship in which we would feel useful for a noble cause. So, we decided to work together for animal welfare, a cause that is close to both of our hearts. We were both raised around animals. We both have a special relationship with them and we really consider them as living beings who should receive a lot of love and well-being. Lucie has an aunt who lives in California and is a long-time volunteer at Animal Place sanctuary. She told us about the sanctuary and advised us to apply to come and do our internship here. After doing some research, we both agreed that Animal Place was a good fit for our internship.

Since we arrived, we have been very happy to see that it corresponds completely to what we had imagined. The love that volunteers and staff have for animals and all the important work to raise awareness of animal welfare are values that we both share.

So far, our internship is going well! The Animal Place team is very friendly. We have already had the opportunity to help the animal care team by taking care of chickens and pigs. We’ve had the opportunity to socialize with many of the animals. We were very taken by our meeting with Benny, a little lamb that arrived at the sanctuary around the time we started. When he came out of quarantine, we had the mission to socialize with him. He was quite distant and shy with us at first, but after several minutes together there was a real bond created with him. We are also very glad to be able to work on advocacy projects that are as important as animal care. 

Upon returning to France, we hope to continue working for this cause. We were already volunteers in a shelter with dogs and cats and we found in Animal Place another sense of volunteerism. Here, we’ve had the opportunity to work  with totally different animals that need our help just as much. We didn’t think we would be able to get this close to farmed animals, but we have already bonded with them. We are therefore hopeful that we can continue to work for the welfare of farmed animals in France and continue to raise awareness about the cruelty of the animal agriculture industry. We know that all the skills we will acquire during these three months at Animal Place will be very useful for the rest of our professional and personal lives and we will make sure to use them in the best way possible.

We are very happy to have arrived at Animal Place and we know that these three months will be very rewarding. We are looking forward to learning about new animals and helping with other projects. 

Thank you, Animal Place, for giving us this incredible opportunity to work with you!



Animal Place Welcomes two Interns from France!

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