Pepper Nose Kisseys | My Shetland

Pepper Nose Kisseys | My Shetland

Pepper is very good around the horses and ponies and, mostly, they are all very good around her too, with the exception of Silver who would like to chase and possibly stamp, if he could. I do not encourage this one bit.

Yesterday, I was sitting on a rock in the field when Tiddles and Newt came up for a chat.

Pepper instantly appeared on my knee.

Newt started to sniff my pocket and Pepper was curious – sniffing pockets is her job.

She wanted to study him up close.

Then it was Tiddles’ turn. He wanted to investigate Pepper.

And so she reciprocated.

All the time, I was holding my breath in case it all kicked off, quite literally.

But no. I just kept murmering to all around “be nice, be nice”.

And then Pepper decided Newt needed a nose kissey.  He agreed and now that’s Pepper’s thing. She gives nose kisseys out to the ponies, if asked.  Possibly not to Silver, though.  I watch him very carefully.

And Newt loves a nose kissey from anyone!

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Pepper Nose Kisseys | My Shetland

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