Pepper and her Friends | My Shetland

Pepper and her Friends | My Shetland

To the Minions’ field this morning with my little helper, Pepper. It has become our thing.  Ted is no good because he has anxiety and runs away.  I swear if he could find the M25 he would be under the first lorry he could find.

Anyway, I will just leave all these photos here so you can see just how much the Minions adore Pepper and how it is reciprocated.

(Storm rolls with his head in his bucket, just because he can)

This photo gives me goosebumps.   Newt and Pepper have a genuine friendship. Maybe Newt is pleased to find someone as small as him, for once.

And the thing is, Pepper specifically goes and finds the ponies to talk to. They don’t sneak up on her to do horrible things (it has been known).  Pepper genuinely likes the interaction, the sniffing and she will even lick noses in return.  I almost trust everyone together, although I have eyes in the back of my head at all times because a) the Minions are Shetland ponies and b) Pepper is a Patterdale and I am not as stupid as I look!

Pepper and her Friends | My Shetland

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