Morning Round | My Shetland

Morning Round | My Shetland

During my morning round, the one after breakfast where I just check everyone is ok while putting away outside things that might get blown away in the oncoming Autumn Equinox, which is guaranteed a doozer, I found this lot.

They were all having a snooze in the sunshine.  It was a lovely morning.

The two cousins.  So sweet.

And while I was trying to take photos, my duck-assistants, Huey and Louie, arrived.

Closely followed by Dewey, who has turned into a girl – I am pretty sure now.

Everyone ignored the hustle and bustle that is the ducklings.  They never go anywhere quietly.

Apparently, I was told many things duck.

And then Huey, or is it Dewey went over to tell Haakon, who looked utterly bemused.

This is Dewey. She has a very pretty head and a sweet disposition.

Meanwhile, Iacs snoozed on.

I wonder what he is dreaming about.

Pepper kindly guided the ducks away to their pond.  Probably wise though I don’t see the horses doing anything nasty.  I trust them and I also trust Pepper 100%.

Morning Round | My Shetland

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