Man Overreacts to Animal Entering His Home While on a Zoom Call

Man Overreacts to Animal Entering His Home While on a Zoom Call

Being scared is a normal thing, especially this time of year with all the horror movies, spooky decorations, and things that jump out to scare you during the Halloween season. We all get scared in some form or fashion. Typically our friends laugh at us when we get scared, and most of us find it fun to make someone scream from being surprised. It is not uncommon to find videos online of family members scaring each other, people being scared in haunted houses, or jumping out at strangers. The reactions entertain us and make us laugh, but we are all grateful we aren’t the ones in the video. Sometimes people go a little overboard and have a major reaction, and recently a video online showed how not to react when something scares you, and to make matter worse, it all happened in front of the person’s coworkers.

Man Freaks Out on Zoom Due to Squirrel

In the video above, a man is on a Zoom call with what is assumed to be his coworkers. He notices something in his office and slowly wheels his chair back to pick up a baseball bat before squealing loudly and jumping on his desk as a squirrel makes its way towards him and around his office. You have to wonder what the people on zoom are thinking, as odds are they are seeing and hearing this, but have no idea about the animal in the room with the man. Like many other videos of people being scared, it is hard not to laugh at the man’s reaction and how absurd it is, but if a squirrel was in a room locked with you, how would you react?

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Credit: Dgwildlife

Credit: Dgwildlife

While most of us will laugh at the video and say it is only a squirrel, it makes you wonder, if not a squirrel, what animal could make you react like this man if it got into your house? Squirrels can be dangerous, but a reaction like this man’s seems a little extreme. For some of us, it can be something smaller and simple like a mouse, a tarantula, or maybe a bird. If that won’t make you squeal like this, maybe something a little bigger or more dangerous would do it like a fox, a raccoon, or a skunk. All of those are a little bigger and more dangerous in their own ways, but if those don’t make you grab a bat and jump on a desk then perhaps something bigger will. If a bear, a wolf, a moose, or a mountain lion got in your house, you for sure would scream and grab something. Jumping on a desk would be worthless, but your reaction would likely go viral if you looked up and saw one inside your house.

If you need a pick-me-up or want to take a break from work, check out the video above and enjoy what happens when a man meets his worst nightmare, which is a squirrel. Imagine having to go to work and explain what happened to those that didn’t see the squirrel in the room. If you ever find yourself in this situation, make sure to pause or log out of your zoom, and do what you can to avoid the animal and get it out of your house. Enjoy the laughs and watch the video a few times to help you through your day if you need it, and make sure to animal-proof your house, so you don’t find yourself in the same predicament. 

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Man Overreacts to Animal Entering His Home While on a Zoom Call

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