Potential Album Cover | My Shetland

Potential Album Cover | My Shetland

The blog today is a total cop-out.

After my daily horse/pony check, I came home and cleared some wood from one of the sheds and my back is paying for it now.  I am in pain and feeling very tetchy.  Painkillers are not cutting it.  Not even slightly. I hurt therefore I am.

So here are my photos of the sheep that could be a potential album cover if anyone needed.  Please do say if you want.


And one of my little not-so-precious…. (she was returned by a neighbour – oh, the shame).

And her friend (who was not).

Sorry this is brief but I am in that awful state of don’t-know-what-to-do-with-myself-because-I-hurt-so-much stage and I can’t take any mind-altering painkillers until later tonight, when I have tucked up the Minions in their stable for the night otherwise I won’t reach their stable!

Hopefully it will all calm down by tomorrow.

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Potential Album Cover | My Shetland

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