Miller Place Home Overrun, ASPCA Says – NBC New York

Miller Place Home Overrun, ASPCA Says – NBC New York

A Long Island home has been condemned and its owner is expected to be charged after more than 300 animals and 100,000 (yes, we checked twice) roaches were allegedly found on her property, officials said Tuesday.

The grotesque storyline started to play out earlier this month when firefighters were called to the Miller Place home, according to the Suffolk district attorney’s office.

According to the lead investigator, the 51-year-old woman who owns the home is a social worker who was seeing patients in the house. Patients tripped the fire alarm, which is why firefighters showed up.

That’s when all the animals — 118 rabbits, 150 birds, seven tortoises, three snakes and 15 cats, among others — along with 100,000 roaches were discovered. The air was so noxious no one could stay inside for long, authorities say.

The animals are expected to live, though it took a number of ASPCA groups from across the U.S. to respond.

The woman, who someone familiar with her described as “Snow White” for her love of animals, is expected to be charged with violating agriculture and markets law. The town of Brookhaven condemned the home on Oct. 7.

The ASPCA was at the scene Tuesday, and reporters were being kept a distance back because, well, you can imagine.

Additional details are expected later Tuesday. The investigation is ongoing.

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Miller Place Home Overrun, ASPCA Says – NBC New York

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