Snow and more Snow | My Shetland

Snow and more Snow | My Shetland

There had been significant snowfall last night and I changed the feeding area for the oldies, putting out all my four hayboxes.  It just makes life far easier for everyone.

The hay boxes are a great invention.  I love them.  Stops wastage.

Even Iacs understood that he had one to himself.

And Haakon was smiling too.

The Happy Couple!

OH and I walked up to the car (about 1/4 mile) with buckets of food, a tow rope and snow shovel – the powdery snow was drifting in the wind.

Driving was not too bad until we found more scary drifting on the road – we dumped the car and walked the last bit (another 1/2 mile) armed with buckets for Fivla and Vitamin.

I brought a small piece of carrot for the others. Rationing now as I’m not sure when we can get to town next.

These two….. aw!

And then I opened the gate to a small field that had not been touched for the year. It has long grass under the snow.

I also dragged a haynet with me and spread it out.

So the ponies turned up their noses…..

…. to go and make snow angels.

We left them to it and walked back to the car, knowing they were all fine.  Digging is what they do best.

We had the long walk – all uphill – back to the car.

Home was not much better.  More snow had fallen.

But everyone was smiling and waiting for the waitress service.  More hay, please!

And, despite my best efforts, of course I could not forget Monster.  This is his best day of the year!

More snow is forecast but everyone is managing fine.

Snow and more Snow | My Shetland

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