Ignored the Sign | My Shetland

Ignored the Sign | My Shetland

To town today as we have visitors next month and I want to be all efficient and have everything ready in the freezer so I can do minimal cooking at the time.

First I stopped off at the feed merchants and bought animal supplies, and then went into town to get supplies for cocktails (Eurovision is looming too – hurrah!)

As I drove into the car park, which is next to the pier, I saw this magnificent ship.

Well, obviously I had to go and have a look, even though there was a sign saying I couldn’t. So I ignored that and crept in past the barriers, hoping no one would stop or ask me to go away.

It was the Dar Młodzieży, a Polish sail training ship owned by the Gdynia Maritime Academy.

Wow, just wow.  Later I saw plenty of young men wandering around the town (looking slightly bored and lost at the same time) wearing their very smart uniform.

According to the “interweb”,  the Dar Młodzieży (Polish: Gift of the Youth) is a school ship for soon-to-be merchant officers”.

Anyway, I wasn’t caught and asked to leave and all I did was wonder around on the pier, with my finger mostly over the camera lens (how do I do this?) taking photos happy in the knowledge I would never, ever have to go on the ship (I am allergic to boats).

However, I quite like photographing them.

There is the Lerwick lifeboat in this photo somewhere.

And then onwards to Tesco’s to buy my weight in Graham Norton wine. Tis Eurovision, after all.

Ignored the Sign | My Shetland

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