Check Out The Nintendo Live Animal Crossing & Splatoon 3 Live Concert Here


While the Nintendo Live livestream is in Japanese, there’s at least one element that transcends language barriers: the element of song.

At the end of the Nintendo Live 2022 in Tokyo, Japan, Nintendo had two special live hologram acts: Animal Crossing’s DJ KK Paradise Mix concert and Splatoon 3’s Deep Cut and the in-house band. Basically, perfect family-friendly music entertainment for those who are there live at the Nintendo offline event. Fortunately, it’s all available online for the rest of the world who can’t head to Japan on time..

Animal Crossing’s DJ KK Slider plays his greatest hits from the entire series in electronica remix form, with his backup dancers from the games dancing to the tune. Highlights include KK Rock and Surfin’ KK.

Then came the other highlight: Splatoon 3’s Deep Cut trio of Shiver, Frye, and Big Man making their offline debut in hologram form. The group had the in-house band play the popular multiplayer rock songs before coming in with their iconic hit Anarchy Rainbow.

The group capped it off with a special appearance of The Squid Sisters -Callie and Marie- singing the last stage song Calamari Inkantation 3MIX.

As you can imagine, the entire all-ages crowd just shook their glowsticks and rocked out to both Animal Crossing remixes and Splatoon 3 live music. It’s epic stuff, and I’m saying this as I tuned to it online. Check out the entire concert below at the 6:40:04 mark.

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Check Out The Nintendo Live Animal Crossing & Splatoon 3 Live Concert Here

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