Working on the Track | My Shetland

Working on the Track | My Shetland

Vitamin is back on course (fingers and toes crossed, please) and I am beginning to think about moving the Shetland ponies onto their Spring/Summer/Autumn track sometime soon.

(Vitamin eats in the old sticks as she decided this is what she wants to be and no one will bother her).

Note Tiddles and his bucket! *** sigh ***.

Anyway, the track is all laid out around the edge of this field and the Ancients are meant to be eating it down for me first.

Grabbing my Sharpie pen and electric fencing post, I went round each post and put a large black X where I want the insulator to be drilled (tomorrow’s job).  The fence wire will not be very high because Shetland ponies will slip underneath it if they think they can so it is low enough for Newt to not do this and high enough for no one to jump – that’s the theory.

I had observers with opinions.

And the small Minions watched on.

“I’m watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always.”

Once all my X’s were on the fence posts, I emptied out the Eggbox’s boot to fill it up with fence posts that needed returning to their rightful owners.  I hate borrowing and keeping things. It makes me worry.

More help – but so very cute.

Everything was organised and stacked to go back.

Tomorrow will be Insulator Day. I won’t put the electric fence wire on yet as if anyone can totally walk into an electric fence wire, it is Kolka. I swear she just doesn’t see it and I want the horses to eat a bit more of the grass down before the Minions move in.


Working on the Track | My Shetland

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