Provincial government tables modernized animal care legislation


Lisa Thompson, MPP of Huron-Bruce and Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs, has tabled the Enhancing Professional Care for Animals Act.

This updates legislation that’s 35 years old.

“If passed, this legislation ideally will reflect what we’ve heard during our consultation,” said Thompson. “That’s very important to me. Moreover, this legislation will reflect the fact that the manner in which animal care is facilitated in 2024 is very different from 35 years ago.”

It will also streamline the complaint resolution process and have stronger penalties for actions that intentionally hurt an animal.

“We’ve been addressing the situation head,” Thompson added. “We received funding to expand the number of seats at the Ontario Veterinary College by 20 on an annual basis over the next four years. We also introduced an incentive program for veterinarians to practice in underserved areas.”

Vets have been asking for updated legislation since 2017. Thompson said she’s confident this will benefit veterinarians across the province.

“I feel very strongly that this legislation will support our veterinarians across Ontario because, frankly, we have a shortage,” said Thompson. “By enabling the definition of a broad scope of practice, respecting the training and expertise that veterinary technicians have already, it will be extra support, an extra service that can be introduced to a community.”

Provincial government tables modernized animal care legislation

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