Scalloway | My Shetland

Scalloway | My Shetland

From this……

To this…..

Via this…..

….  which is Scalloway, were Foxy Dog (Ted’s brilliant dog-groomers are).

Scalloway is a fishing port on the west side of the island that was the capital of Shetland until 1708, when it moved to Lerwick.

A lovely place with such huge character, including a monument to the Shetland Bus, the Norwegian resistance movement in WW2.

What I like most about Scalloway is that it’s very colourful …..

And full of character.

So Ted is now beautiful and I think we are all very happy for that. We tell ourselves he is less Greasy Muppet and more Handsome Prince, thankfully.

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Scalloway | My Shetland

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