The Juggling Act | My Shetland

The Juggling Act | My Shetland

Today has not been good.  Storm had colic.  Something was rumbling yesterday but he wasn’t rolling so I hoped it would pass. He was eating but lying down a lot.

Today, Storm certainly wasn’t right – he refused food and he was yawning/Flehman’s response (lip curling upwards), rolling and lying down with his legs stuck out and he was decidedly unhappy. OH said there was not much poo in the stable from overnight when he mucked out.  I decided to put him and Albie out with the others in the field to see if that would brighten him up.

I also phoned the vet and she agreed this was a good course of action. To start with I thought that would do it but no……

…. and as the morning progressed, Storm was still not right and getting worse as I stood and watched.

I told Albie not to get laminitis again.

He said he would try.

Anywho, back to Storm. My waters were now churning so I phoned the vet again.

She agreed to visit so I brought Storm with Fivla and Vitamin as company over to the house.

The vet came. Respirations, heart rate, temperature, hydration, colour = all normal. Gut sounds were there but a little quiet on one side.  IV injections were given for pain, and an anti-spasmodic. The vet departed.

And with that Storm started eating!  Huzzah.

I put him outside with Fivla and Vitamin so they could stay around the house but no, Vitamin started shouting her head off for the others and Waffle stood by the gate looking lost.

So I opened the gate, leading Waffle and the rest cantered over – that is Albie in the middle distance who was the tail-end Charlie.

Into the field and I watch Storm like a hawk.

He seems “normal” now so fingers crossed we caught the colic in time.  The juggling act of colic vs. laminitis is still very worrying.

So, I am off to sell a kidney, or my first born (sorry Daisy), as calling a vet out on a Sunday is not going to be cheap.

The Juggling Act | My Shetland

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