We All Walk | My Shetland

We All Walk | My Shetland

My turn yesterday to take the dogs for a walk, so I thought I would pop over to Clothie to check out the grass situation.  Snow is forecast and I want to know my options.

There was a loud wailing and I turned around to see Monster following.  I couldn’t really miss him in the hill. He is the only animal I have that stands out.  Everyone else blends in nicely to almost total invisibility.

Clothie is a lovely field – exactly five acres and very useful.  It is situated a short walk across the scattald (open hill).

There is an old croft house which was once used as a Free Church School, possibly around the 19th century. It is mentioned in our Parish Records.

Anyway, the cat, two dogs and I all walked the perimeter fence with made a nice walk.

As Daisy would say (and I bet she does when she reads this) “aww, look at him go!”


Ted and Pepper had a fine time too.

There was hunting.

And even some sitting and thinking.

Probably best not to ask what Monster was thinking about.  He never stopped shouting, though.

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We All Walk | My Shetland

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