Ending the Cruelest Farming Practices One Company At A Time

Corporate outreach is a strategy used to significantly reduce animal suffering while fighting to end animal cruelty once and for all. Animal Equality’s Campaign Manager shares more… From large corporations to small supply chains, companies of all sizes have the power to protect millions of animals’ lives. However, when the desire for profits outweighs this […]

USDA finalizes organic farming rule, clarifying gestation crate ban for animal welfare and public health

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block In a historic move, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Program has issued the final Organic Livestock and Poultry Standards rule, a landmark federal regulation that strengthens and clarifies animal welfare standards. While the rule only covers animals raised in the National Organic Program, it will be the […]

5 Shocking Legal Practices Pigs Endure on Factory Farming

Discover 5 legal practices endured by these animals, trapped within farms and slaughterhouses worldwide… Within factory farming, pigs live their lives far from the idyllic farm scenes painted by the meat industry. Instead of open fields, they spend their days in concrete or slatted floor pens, confined indoors. On some farms, thousands of pigs share […]

Heatwaves and animal welfare: The ethics of livestock farming on a warming planet

Heat stress hits livestock too: How can we adapt our food systems for better animal welfare? Europe recently sweltered through its hottest July on record. The human impacts on work, tourism and health were clear to see. But behind closed doors, animals kept as livestock also suffered from severe heat stress. New data obtained by […]

The Global Impact of Dairy Farming: Why Amey’s Story Should Matter for Animals

Animal Equality’s recent investigation into dairy farming in India has uncovered disturbing evidence of cruelty and abuse. The investigation highlights the harsh realities of the dairy industry and exposes the urgent need for change across the global industry. The production of milk and other dairy products  is often described as a natural process for cows […]

It’s time to put an end to mink farming

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block U.S. Rep. Adriano Espaillat (NY) has just introduced a bill that responds to growing concerns about the public health threat posed by mink fur factory farms. The Mink: Vectors for Infection Risk in the United States Act (‘‘Mink VIRUS Act”) seeks to prohibit the farming of mink in the […]

Complaints on Hiiumaa after animal carcasses left to rot in the open | News

Hiiu Autotrans, a subcontractor of the joint-stock company Vireen Hiiumaa AS and the company responsible for the disposal, has pledged to rectify the situation by bringing in extra earth for that purpose. The stench of, well, dead animals hangs in the air, and from beyond the site’s fencing, it could be clearly that a number […]

National farming policy: Resume live animal exports, cut red tape, scrap migrant worker median wage

National leader Christopher Luxon has released the party’s policy for the farming sector, taking aim at what it calls “red tape” around an increase in regulations such as for water quality and emissions, while also proposing to restart live exports of cattle with strict animal welfare rules around it. The Government has hit back, with […]

What Is Fish Farming? | Animal Equality

Fish farms have been described as “factory farms in water.” Around the world, tens of billions of fish are raised and slaughtered on these farms, but consumers are unaware of the conditions these animals endure during their lives. Fish farming, also known as aquaculture, is the fastest-growing animal agriculture industry in the United States. Within […]

New animal welfare scoring system could enable better-informed food and farming choices

Researcher Harriet Bartlett assesses pigs on a farm. Credit: University of Cambridge Cambridge University scientists have come up with a system of measuring animal welfare that enables reliable comparison across different types of pig farming. This means that animal welfare can now, for the first time, be properly considered alongside other impacts of farming to […]

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