Making it up | My Shetland

Making it up | My Shetland

After my ridiculous blog, wot I wrote at nearly midnight last night, while possibly a bit worse for wear, I went out this afternoon with my big camera (commonly known as Darth Vader) to take some piccies of the chaps on and outside the track.

Dear old Vitamin was her usual interested self.  She may not be living actually with the Minions on the track – this is because their lifestyle would not suit her as a) she doesn’t need to be on a diet and b) she hasn’t got the teeth to eat hay as it gets stuck and she spits it out (called quidding in horse terminology).

Fivla, who lives with Vitamin, seems to have slowed down a lot recently and I am not sure why. I wormed them both t’other day and have started her and Vitamin, on pink powder which is an equine digestive supplement (pre and pro biotics).  She eats and potters about, just slowly at the moment. She is quite fat so maybe it is that.

Today, Pepper was Fivla’s BFF.

This made me smile.

On the track, I am beginning to see some trim waistlines, which is rewarding.

Yes, mostly definitely some waistlines.  My mantra is “Shetland ponies can live off air!”  I tell myself this every day mostly when I think I should give them more food.

Newt knows which fence is “on” and which is not.  I lowered the wire today and, to be fair, he hasn’t told the others and he is still with them.  I’m not sure for how much longer, though!

And, for some reason totally unbeknownst to me, the wrens were out and were shouting at each other.


A Northern Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe), I think.



Making it up | My Shetland

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