Remember Me Thursday to honor lost animals

Jennifer Atkins Brown EDEN — One thousand three hundred sixty-six (1,366). That is the number of shelter dogs and cats that had to be euthanized in Rockingham County in 2022. Friends of Eden Animal Rescue will recognize Remember Me Thursday and light luminaries in honor of these animals at 6 p.m. September 28 at Grogan […]

Ongoing bird flu outbreak makes Finnish authorities to cull 120,000 animals

Finnish authorities have said that due to the ongoing outbreak of Highly pathogenic H5N1 bird flu on 25 farms across the country they will now have to cull 120,000 animals. The bird flu epidemic began in fur farms in mid-July of this year. Yesterday, the Finnish Food Authority stated that the latest case of bird flu […]

Indonesia’s dog meat sellers fear for future after crackdowns on trade | Food

Medan, Indonesia – Lina Ginting, the owner of Mechio Restaurant, does such a roaring trade in dog curry, barbecued dog and dog soup that she was able to put her two children through private school. But these days, Ginting, whose restaurant has been in operation for the past 12 years, is worried that her sole […]

Heatwaves and animal welfare: The ethics of livestock farming on a warming planet

Heat stress hits livestock too: How can we adapt our food systems for better animal welfare? Europe recently sweltered through its hottest July on record. The human impacts on work, tourism and health were clear to see. But behind closed doors, animals kept as livestock also suffered from severe heat stress. New data obtained by […]

Cultivated Meat: A Sustainable Revolution in Food Production

Every year around the world, approximately 72 billion land animals are killed for food. But now, a new product is hitting the market that could significantly reduce this number and offer a more ethical and sustainable alternative. While there is still work to be done in the fight to end animal cruelty, the emergence of […]

Is Your Dog’s Food Bowl Half Full or Half Empty?

How to tell if your dog is a pessimist or optimist. Artwork: Sarah Alsmiller Guest post by Sky Sobol We all know people who are optimists. The glass is always half-full, and they see the bright side of everything. We also all know some pessimists — people that see  the glass half-empty and read doom […]

Fish have feelings too: Why animal sentience means we should rethink food

With the sentience of vertebrates now enshrined in UK and EU law, is it time we rethought our relationship with fish? If you’ve ever had a pet, visited a zoo or watched wild animals at play, it’s likely you’ve considered the concept of animal sentience. Loosely defined as the ability to experience both positive and […]

United States: Animal welfare under the judicial spotlight – California issued new guidance for food industry following Supreme Court’s recent ruling on California’s Proposition 12

In brief California’s Proposition 12 (Prop 12) establishes new standards for confinement of certain farm animals, including egg-laying hens, veal calves, and breeding pigs.1 Under the law, it is illegal to participate in the commercial sale (including by restaurant and other food service establishments) if the business owner or operator knows or should know that […]

Food for Thought Program Manager

Animal Place  Manager, Food for Thought Program (remote)  Reports to: Programs Director   Job Status: Full-Time (40 hours/week)Hourly Wage: $21/hourBenefits: Health care after a 3-month probation period, paid vacation & holidays, sick time, and 403b with match after one year of employment  Application Open Date: May 5, 2023  Position Summary:  Animal Place is an animal rights […]

UK Zoo Recruiting ‘Seagull Deterrent’ To Keep Them Away From Animal, People’s Food

As the world is developing and becoming more connected with many different industries, some jobs become obsolete and others become more unique in their ways. But some come under the category of bizarre jobs that are important to some and odd to hear for others. And if you are looking for a new job that […]

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