New animal welfare scoring system could enable better-informed food and farming choices

Researcher Harriet Bartlett assesses pigs on a farm. Credit: University of Cambridge Cambridge University scientists have come up with a system of measuring animal welfare that enables reliable comparison across different types of pig farming. This means that animal welfare can now, for the first time, be properly considered alongside other impacts of farming to […]

No One Knows How the Biggest Animals on Earth–Baleen Whales–Find Their Food

When it’s time to eat, humpback whales head toward the ends of the earth. Their mission: feast until they are fat and happy. They must build up their energy reserves, packing on nearly a ton of blubber a week to sustain them on the voyage from their polar and subpolar feeding grounds to the balmy […]

New Culture Prepares for Commercial Production Of Animal-Free Mozzarella With New Vice President of Food Science and Product Development

Animal-Free Dairy Company Hires James Jones, Ph.D., To Help Scale Mozzarella SAN LEANDRO, Calif., March 7, 2023 — New Culture, a pioneering animal-free dairy company, announced today the addition of James Jones, Ph.D. to lead New Culture’s food science and product team. This is a pivotal hire in New Culture’s path to commercialization and brings another world-class technical leader […]

Singer turned pig rescuer makes home for animals ‘written off as just for food’ – The Irish Times

There are many hungry mouths to feed at the My Lovely Pig Rescue Shelter in Co Kildare. The animals get fed twice a day at 8.30am and 3.30pm. The pigs appear to have an inner clock or maybe it is just the rumbling in their stomachs. As the clock edges closer to the afternoon feed, […]

Scrapping over scraps: Animals clash over leftover food in urban gardens | UK News

From biting, lunging, striking and in one case an animal is pushed into the water – a study reveals the behaviours among creatures that fight for scraps of food. Monday 27 February 2023 00:00, UK Badgers, hedgehogs, foxes and cats are involved in aggressive and submissive behaviours as they go head to head for leftover […]

5 Reasons Animal Food Products Are Going Out of Style

Animal food products are out and delicious, plant-based foods are in. Here are 5 reasons we’re seeing a shift in the American diet to cruelty-free alternatives. This just in: animal food products are last year’s news.  With over 9.7 million Americans now declaring themselves plant-based eaters, animal-free products have been stocking the shelves of supermarkets […]

New Updates on NI Protocol for Food & Animal Health

14 February 2023 Animal Health It has been announced that an arrangement for the way food and animal health inspections will be carried out is almost complete. This works within a concept that establishes red and green tracks at Northern Irish ports to distinguish products staying in the UK from those going to the EU’s […]

Should Animal Testing Be Illegal? Yes, and This Is Why

Source: Getty Images It’s probably not surprising to find out that a lot of environmentalists think that animal testing should be illegal. And while one of the main reasons is obvious — the practice is cruel — there are some other factors involved too. When it comes to such a big topic, learning more information […]

Mercer County Animal Shelter still in code red situation | News

PRINCETON – A kitten found abandoned on a home’s front porch and a stray dog that was found along a local roadway are among the many dogs and cats that keep straining the capacity at the Mercer County Animal Shelter. The shelter’s personnel were busy Thursday as the cared for they many dogs and cats […]

Animal lover treats stray dogs with food feast, video goes viral

WATCH: Animal lover treats stray dogs with food feast, video goes viral | Instagram A social media influencer and animal lover has gone viral for his kind deed towards stray dogs. During Christmas days, people often exchange gifts and share best wishes with each other. This Instagram-based content creator from Thailand took to be the […]

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