‘We often see really hard things’: DC’s humane law enforcement officers fight back against animal cruelty

“The thing that keeps me up at night is the safety of my team,” said Chris Schindler, senior vice president of animal welfare, field response and rescue at the Humane Rescue Alliance. The people who answer calls and investigate cases of animal cruelty in the District of Columbia aren’t police, but they are involved in […]

New Texas law cracks down on fake service animals

New law cracks down on fake service dogs AUSTIN (KXAN) — While Austin is a dog friendly city, man’s best friend isn’t allowed everywhere. But some people are taking advantage of the system and claiming pets as service dogs. Now, a new law aims to crackdown on false representation of these service animals. House Bill […]

Roswell’s animal shelter has reopened | Local News

Among the issues discussed at Roswell’s Public Safety Committee meeting on Tuesday was the reopening on Monday of the city’s animal shelter. It was closed Sept. 27 after a dog tested positive for distemper and others were coming down with upper respiratory illnesses. Subsequent testing of dogs at the shelter turned up no more distemper […]

Progress! California passes law to expand use of non-animal alternatives in testing labs

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block Fewer animals will suffer in experiments in California laboratories thanks to a bill sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States and signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on Sunday. AB 357 was authored by Assemblymember Brian Maienschein, D-San Diego, and received wide bipartisan support throughout the […]

Spain has overhauled animal welfare laws. Here’s what’s new

From abandonment to a licence to fly, see what pet owners will and won’t be able to do in Spain from now on. ADVERTISEMENT In Spain, there are more than 29 million pets. Abandonment and lack of identification are some of the most frequent problems with them.  In order to solve this situation, last March […]

Mistreated exotic animals highlight the need for ‘Better CARE’ law

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block The mistreatment of animals is a matter of injustice, and so it’s only fitting that the U.S. Department of Justice stepped in to stop cruelty at Even Keel Exotics in Temperance, Michigan. The DOJ’s recent resolution of a complaint against the facility’s owner, animal dealer Zachery Keeler, resulted in […]

Pork Producers Sue Massachusetts over Animal Housing Law

By C.Lotongkum / Shutterstock Triumph Foods and a group of Midwest pork producers are suing the state of Massachusetts over its Question 3 law and others that set minimum housing requirements for livestock. The plaintiffs are challenging the constitutionality of the Q3 law and seeking immediate relief from the law before it takes effect on […]

COLUMN: Welcome to ‘Animal Farm’ | Oklahoma

Last week, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a federal district ruling on whether the City of Tulsa has jurisdiction over Native Americans. Justin Hooper got a speeding ticket five years ago in Tulsa. He pleaded guilty and paid his fine. Two years later, Hooper, who is a member of the Choctaw tribe, filed […]

United States: Animal welfare under the judicial spotlight – California issued new guidance for food industry following Supreme Court’s recent ruling on California’s Proposition 12

In brief California’s Proposition 12 (Prop 12) establishes new standards for confinement of certain farm animals, including egg-laying hens, veal calves, and breeding pigs.1 Under the law, it is illegal to participate in the commercial sale (including by restaurant and other food service establishments) if the business owner or operator knows or should know that […]

Breaking: Supreme Court upholds strongest farm animal protection law in U.S.

By Sara Amundson and Kitty Block We are thrilled that after months of tireless efforts and unwavering dedication, we have emerged victorious in our landmark Supreme Court defense of California’s Proposition 12. The decision, announced earlier today, upholds the nation’s strongest farm animal protection law and unanimously rejects the pork industry’s primary constitutional claim. The […]

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