Mostly Outside | My Shetland

Mostly Outside | My Shetland

Everything is thawing properly now.

So we all spent most of the morning outside enjoying the stillness, the warmth of the sun and the fact the snow is finally going (for now).

I took everyone for a walk.

Monster followed yowling loudly too.

He explained to me that this was his last day of invisibility.

I told him with the noise he made it didn’t matter if he was invisible or not!


After our walk we all sat outside. I had a cup of coffee and the radio. Monster had a spot on my bench.  The dogs were mooching about in the garden.

Sadly the garden has taken quite a battering this past week.

Then Monster was joined by Pepper and these two did a spot of bird-watching together.

And I took a family photo. They looked so sweet together.

Poor Monster is going to miss the snow.  He’s the only one.  I will be glad when it’s all gone.

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Mostly Outside | My Shetland

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