Long Beach Animal Shelter Over ‘Critical Capacity’ – NBC Los Angeles

Long Beach’s Animal Shelter has been over capacity since February due to a sudden influx of dogs arriving and the shelter could possibly resort to euthanasia in order to reduce the overflow of their kennels. “There are no open kennels to take in more dogs. There are dogs in conference rooms, the lobby, and offices. […]

Palm Beach pet lovers have many chances to party for animal charities this season

Welcome back to this pet-loving town where dogs and cats are not called Fido, Spot, and Fluffy, but instead Chanel, Prada, Clicquot, Caviar, Polo, Bentley, Tiffany, Pucci and Gucci.  But in addition to loving their pets, Palm Beachers also love buying real estate.  And sometimes the two are combined. Wendy Wegner discovered that her condo allowed only one pet […]

Ancient ‘Superhighway’ Full of Human and Animal Footprints from Different Eras Discovered At a UK Beach (PHOTOS)

Dr Alison Burns and Professor Jamie Woodward from The University of Manchester inspecting 8500-year-old animal and human footprints in one of the Mesolithic mud beds at Formby. (Victoria Gill, BBC) When walking along a tranquil beach leaving behind footprints in the sand, have you ever wondered how many people may have walked the same paths, […]

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