Decision, decisions….

Decision, decisions….

I took Little Herself to see the ponies at Sandness. Pepper behaved very well despite Silver trying to kill her.

And so, what to do?

Silver is fat.  There, I’ve said it (as is Newt but not quite as bad).

I must stop seeing that I have four ill ponies as one pony and therefore treating them as such.

So, this morning, I put Waffle and Tiddles in the school to give them a bit of exercise.

They both cantered and trotted about the place.

Plus a spot of mooching.

In my opinion, Tiddles is fine now.

…while Waffle is about 90% ok…..

Tiddles was irritated by a badly fitting head-collar.

I said I would change it but he wouldn’t be caught…. so, therefore, not my problem.

Plan: I think Tiddles can now go back to the herd and Silver must come home. He is obese.

Tomorrow, plan will be executed.

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Decision, decisions….

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