Dead dog found in bloody bag. Animal advocate: ‘There needs to be accountability if this dog was harmed by a human being’

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Police responded to a dead dog found inside a bloody plastic bag on Petrel Street near Fulton Avenue on Saturday. On Sunday I spoke to the animal advocate whose friend found the bloody bag with the dog inside and she believes this is suspicious. Suzanne Nugent said, “What makes this suspicious is […]

Highlighting the importance of vaccines for animal and human health

Vaccination protects against disease transmission amongst animals or to people. This means our pets can safely provide companionship in our homes, and in the case of farm animals it can help to protect people against food-borne illnesses. Protecting against disease through vaccination also means less food or animal losses, better welfare, and therefore more efficient […]

Study explores the species-specific use of ACE2 receptors by human and animal coronaviruses

In a recent study posted to the bioRxiv* preprint server, researchers assessed the ability of spike (S) proteins from 24 animal or human coronaviruses (CoVs) to utilize angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors across nine reservoirs of potential, intermediate, and human hosts. Study: Determinants of species-specific utilization of ACE2 by human and animal coronaviruses. Image Credit: MartinJanca/ *Important […]

How human disturbance can alter habitats, routines of animals

Hours, minutes or even seconds can make the difference for an animal between stumbling upon a predator and avoiding one, between finding a bush loaded with berries and discovering branches that have already been gnawed bare. Mere moments can determine whether a raccoon comes face-to-face with a bobcat at night, whether a flock of cocky […]

Discover 7 Heroic Animals That Save Human Lives

As bizarre as it may sound, animals save human lives using their keen instincts! In this article, we will discuss some heroic animals! These furry champions are proof that not all superheroes wear capes. This list will start with the most obvious heroes (our dogs) and end with the least expected hero. Enjoy! 7 Animals […]

Horse Meat Unfit for Human Consumption Sold, 35 Arrested

Thirty-five people were arrested and six companies investigated after a criminal gang was found falsifying documents and selling meat from horses that was unfit for human consumption. A criminal gang has been dismantled after authorities found horse meat unfit for human consumption being sold with forged documentation. The Civil Guard in Spain and Europol in […]

Study finds human presence in National Parks drastically alters animal behavior

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of negligent National Park visitors approaching bison and elk in the hopes of snapping a close-up photo. Or perhaps you’ve read up on Yellowstone’s long history of bear feeding and its impact on the park’s animal behavior. Human interaction with animals has always been a point of contention with […]

Ancient ‘Superhighway’ Full of Human and Animal Footprints from Different Eras Discovered At a UK Beach (PHOTOS)

Dr Alison Burns and Professor Jamie Woodward from The University of Manchester inspecting 8500-year-old animal and human footprints in one of the Mesolithic mud beds at Formby. (Victoria Gill, BBC) When walking along a tranquil beach leaving behind footprints in the sand, have you ever wondered how many people may have walked the same paths, […]

Letter: Our animal friends need your help now | Letters to Editor

The Oct. 5 front page of The Sun tells of Rhode Island’s school food waste reduction plan and the federal electric fleet conversion delays, which will indirectly help animals but may be too subtle for the Page 3 stare-down squirrel to understand. Just about anything that helps people in nature helps animals too, since people […]

Asia for Animals coalition, “Changing Human Behaviour” !

Kathmandu , December , 2017Asia for animals conference is the flagship progrmme of the Asia for Animals coalition, which brings together more than 20 world’s leading animal welfare organizations that share a focus of improving conditions for animals in Asia.This was the 10th AFA conference taking place for the first time in Kathmandu on 2-5 […]

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