Evening Chores | My Shetland

Evening Chores | My Shetland

I’m always going on about my morning chores (ie feeding, watering, etc) but every evening I have chores too.  I do these after making a sheeple after supper.  I like to go to bed knowing every has everything they need and they are safe and well. I worry otherwise.

The 12 hours on and 12 hours off the grass routine is working well.  I put the little boys to bed in their wee paddock along with two haynets (soaked) and last night I had brought home a special treat, a present from Turriefield, where I work on a Thursday afternoon – a huge bag of bolted celery!

Crunch, crunch, crunch!

I kissed them all goodnight and shut the gate on them knowing they were very happy. By this morning not one celery stalk or leaf was left!

The bigger old folk must have heard the happy celery crunching and came down to investigate.  The evening light was particularly special.

I told them they probably hadn’t the teeth for celery stalks and I don’t want to upset the fragile eco-system that is Iacs and Haakon’s digestion.

Anyway, they always get a lovely breakfast in my colour-coded buckets so suck it up princesses!

The little face of a thief – Pepper steals the carrots Kolka drops!

In the evening I like the sheep to come home too. They spend the day a field of their choice.  During the summer months I don’t know where they like to sleep. I suspect Lambie definitely takes himself to bed.  He is a creature of habit and has always gone to bed at 10pm.

The ducks and ducklings are all put to bed in the individual bedrooms/nurseries. Mrs Ducky #2 and her lone duckling are now out and about too. And, yes, I say good-night to each and every one! (I may need to get out more).



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Evening Chores | My Shetland

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