The Rainy Day Field | My Shetland

The Rainy Day Field | My Shetland

This is the “rainy day” field that I save for when things are tough and we need a bit more grass.

I opened the gate yesterday and the old folk moved in like whippets and now they are almost deliberately goading the Minions about it.  Poor, poor half-starved Minions.

The horses eat at them, while the miserable orphans stand by the fence like the cast of “Oliver” looking on.

I tell myself this is for the best.  I remind myself of the many, many months that Albie, Tiddles, Storm and Waffle had to live inside and I don’t want it to happen again.

On the plus side, Haakon, Iacs, Klaengur and Kolka are very happy with this new location.

And I wormed everyone today with total success – ie nothing was spat out, I didn’t go home clarted in the stuff, and everyone was very nice about it.  I didn’t even need a headcollar.  Just grabbed a handful of chinhairs and squirted the required dose down.

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The Rainy Day Field | My Shetland

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