PHOTOS: New Giraffe Addition to Oakland Zoo

A new 13-month giraffe arrived at the Oakland Zoo. Photo credit: Oakland Zoo. The Oakland Zoo welcomed a new addition to their reticulated giraffe herd. A 13-month old male giraffe, from Audobon Nature Institute in Louisiana, traveled to California in a specially-designed carrier to accommodate his 10-foot height. The giraffe traveled from Louisiana to California […]

5 photos that show the cruelty of live animal transport

Discover how farmed animals suffer and die before reaching the slaughterhouse…and why some are washing up on European shores. On European coasts, a worrying trend has taken hold: dead animals washing up on public beaches.  These bodies are evidence of a cruel trade known as animal transport, during which billions of animals undergo long-distance journeys […]

New camera takes photos using the same colors animals can see •

A new camera system technology is set to transform how ecologists and filmmakers understand and visualize the color perceptions of various animals in their natural habitats. The research was led by Vera Vasas of the University of Sussex, UK, and colleagues from the Hanley Color Lab at George Mason University, US. How animals perceive color […]

PHOTOS: Baby Monkeys at San Diego Zoo

Baby squirrel monkeys at the San Diego Zoo. Photo credit: San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance. Lots of monkeying around happening at the San Diego Zoo these days! The zoo is celebrating the birth of four baby monkeys: two squirrel monkeys – one born Nov. 27 and one born Nov. 28, a Schmidt’ red-tailed monkey born […]

PHOTOS: Endangered Baby Zebra Born at Lincoln Park Zoo

An endangered Grevy’s zebra was born at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Photo credit: Christopher Bijalba / Lincoln Park Zoo A female baby zebra was born on August 21 at Lincoln Park Zoo. The foal, a Grevy’s zebra, was able to run just one hour after birth. She will be dependent on her mother, Adia, for […]

Grotty Day, Even Grottier Photos

This morning the weather deteriorated and I gave in and fed the little hobbitses a second breakfast. No one was shivering, which cheered me up, as we are still in double digits temperature-wise, but it was a mean gale-force north wind, which never helps. Everyone was sodden and they huddled around their haynet stuffing their […]

PHOTOS: Mira Royal Detective Meet and Greet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Mira, Royal Detective from the Disney Junior show of the same name has arrived at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for a limited-time meet and greet celebrating the park’s 25th anniversary. Mira, Royal Detective Mira is the first South Asian protagonist featured in a Disney Junior show. “Mira, Royal Detective” premiered in March 2020 and the final episode […]

Examples of Cross Flags, With Photos

Flags are a great way to display national heritage, culture, and important symbolism in a recognizable format. Understanding what certain symbols on a flag means isn’t always the easiest, but doing so opens up a whole world of learning for any flag you see in the future! Today, we will look at one of the […]

Santa takes photos with pets at Bakersfield Animal Care Center

Shelters encourage pet adoption this holiday season BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Santa Claus’ weekends will be busy for the rest of the year, but he wasn’t too busy to make a special stop Saturday at the Bakersfield Animal Care Center. The shelter welcomed residents to take pictures with Santa and their dogs on Saturday. People […]

Kentucky Trail Cam Captures Incredible Animal Encounters (PHOTOS)

A Kentucky trail camera captured some pretty wild and strange animal encounters and we have all the photos.  You have to see these pictures they are unbelievable. BEING A DEER HUNTER’S WIFE HAS ITS ADVANTAGES Angel here and last week I wrote an article about Hilarious Confessions & Questions I have as a Deer Hunter’s […]

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