My Day in Photos | My Shetland

My Day in Photos | My Shetland

My day in photos…..

Apparently there are iPad apps for cats.  I downloaded one for Monster.  He loved it.  Guess I am going to have ration viewing from now on.

This afternoon was spent in my shed (this morning, the gas man cometh to mend the cooker) and I left the door open so the dogs could entertain themselves.  I was feeling guilty as I hadn’t walked them.  I usually take them out in the morning.

Pepper was outside watching for invaders…..

…. while Ted sought refuge on the chaise longue.  He had it all to himself so he spread out.

After tea, still feeling bad about the lack of dog walk (due to the gas man comething), I took the dogs out into the fields to go and see the Ancients.  Iacs was snoozing by himself totally oblivious to the world around.

I wanted to take photos of him fast asleep, but when he heard me, he woke up.  He was hoping I had brought something to eat.  I hadn’t.  I have turned into Mean Muzzah as everyone is rather *** cough *** robust/fat.

And this photo disturbs me. Pepper looked so sweet and teddy-bear like when I took it, but now I see a small determined Gremlin looking back at me.

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My Day in Photos | My Shetland

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