Giant sea creature — largest animal on earth — spotted off North Shore on Fourth of July

Whale watchers off the North Shore of Massachusetts were recently dazzled by the rare sighting of the largest animal on the planet. Onlookers on a Cape Ann Whale Watch boat were treated to an up-close look at a blue whale on the Fourth of July, according to the tour agency. “We spent the most extraordinary […]

Giant Animal Puppets Launch 20,000-km Trip to Raise Climate Awareness

ReutersA puppeteer displays a life-size puppet of a wild animal at the launch of “The Herds” in London on June 27. Reuters 15:57 JST, July 4, 2024 LONDON (Reuters) — Life-sized lion and antelope puppets took their first steps at the London launch of a new public art project that will see them embarking on a […]

PHOTOS: Two New Giant Pandas Coming to the National Zoo

Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute in Washington, D.C. will welcome two giant pandas from China at the end of the year! The pandas, Bao Li [BOW-lee] and Qing Bao [ching-BOW], are both two years old. Two-year-old male giant panda Bao Li in his habitat at Shenshuping Base in Wolong, China, May 16. Photo […]

We’re Giving Away Giant Posters and Here’s Why You Need Them

You’ve heard us say all dogs are individuals. You’ve heard us say looks don’t equal behavior. You may be on board with that, which is great, we love that, but you’re unsure of how to get your shelter staff and volunteers to accept the science that breed isn’t indicative of a dog’s personality. We’ve got […]

Japanese Restaurant Giant Bans Cages for Hens Worldwide

TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation, one of the world’s largest restaurant companies based in Japan, has released a groundbreaking global animal welfare policy pledging to source 100 percent cage-free eggs and egg products for its restaurant locations worldwide, making it the largest cage-free commitment from a Japanese-multinational corporation to date. This critical commitment to improving the welfare […]

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