Giant sea creature — largest animal on earth — spotted off North Shore on Fourth of July

Whale watchers off the North Shore of Massachusetts were recently dazzled by the rare sighting of the largest animal on the planet. Onlookers on a Cape Ann Whale Watch boat were treated to an up-close look at a blue whale on the Fourth of July, according to the tour agency. “We spent the most extraordinary […]

Largest animal lived 100 million years ago on Earth

Earth’s largest animal is 121 feet long Patagotitan mayorum. — Freepik/File The largest animal to ever walk on planet Earth was known as the Patagotitan mayorum, who weighed around 154,323 pounds which is roughly equivalent to be the same as 10 African elephants. This animal was longer than a blue whale at 121 feet in […]

When did animal life begin on Earth? Scientists are closer to the answer

OXFORD, England —  When did animals appear on Earth?  It’s a question that has puzzled naturalists since Charles Darwin. Now, a groundbreaking study led by the University of Oxford sheds light on the timing of the appearance of animals in Earth’s history. The Cambrian period, spanning from 539 to 485 million years ago, witnessed a […]

Earth Animal Nature’s Protection Flea & Tick Prevention

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