How Your 17 Years of Support Saved 202 Million Animals

Since our humble beginnings in 2006, Animal Equality has been able to transform the lives of animals thanks to the unwavering support of our compassionate community. As Animal Equality’s President & Co-founder, I am thrilled to bring you this message with a heart full of gratitude for your unwavering support of Animal Equality’s mission–to end […]

Mount Vernon Animal Shelter to reopen thanks to $1 million in state aid

The long-troubled Mount Vernon Animal Shelter won’t remain closed thanks to a $1 million infusion from New York state that will pay for renovations and enhanced services at the nearly 50-year-old facility. The state funding was announced Friday by Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard and state Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow four months after the city’s decision to […]

Woman wears kangaroo costume to hop with the animal; cute video wins over 3 million views

A female volunteer was filmed teaching a baby kangaroo to hop. The video of this incident has gone viral on social media and is probably the cutest thing on the internet. In the video, we can see the woman wearing a kangaroo costume to familiarise and train the little one. And both had a great […]

Tulsans weigh in on city’s plan for new $13.8 million animal shelter

Tulsans on Monday night had their first opportunity to provide input on the city’s plan to build a new $13.8 million animal shelter. About three dozen people attended the Tulsa Animal Welfare Commission’s special meeting at City Hall. Check out our latest digital-only offer and subscribe now “I do have some concerns about the location, […]

Extinction crisis puts 1 million species on the brink

Nature is in crisis, and it’s only getting worse. As species vanish at a rate not seen in 10 million years, more than 1 million species are currently on the brink.Humans are driving this extinction crisis through activities that take over animal habitats, pollute nature and fuel global warming, scientists say. A new global deal […]

Hoxton Farms raises $22 million for cultivated animal fat

Funding by Collaborative Fund, a backer of Beyond Meat Money to help build pilot facility in London’s Shoreditch Comes amid concern over farming’s environmental impact Oct 20 (Reuters) – London-based Hoxton Farms said on Thursday it had raised $22 million from investors to build a pilot plant to produce animal fat from stem cells, aiming […]

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