Largest animal lived 100 million years ago on Earth

Largest animal lived 100 million years ago on Earth

Earth’s largest animal is 121 feet long Patagotitan mayorum. — Freepik/File

The largest animal to ever walk on planet Earth was known as the Patagotitan mayorum, who weighed around 154,323 pounds which is roughly equivalent to be the same as 10 African elephants.

This animal was longer than a blue whale at 121 feet in length but lighter and leaner in overall mass, according to Twisted Sifter.

A subgroup of dinosaurs characterised by long necks and tails, Patagotitan mayorum was found to be a sauropod. This species also had four stocky legs that looked like pillars going into the ground.

Brontosaurus and Diplodocus are amongst the well known members of this group.

Earth’s largest animals are usually considered whales, giraffes, and elephants but Patagotitan mayorum surpasses everyone in the race.

The Patagotitan mayorum walked in the Patagonia region of what is now known as southern Argentina. Before Patagotitan mayorum was discovered, the region was home to the Argentinosaurus, which also held the record for the largest land animal previously.

With the soil around them suggesting the animal lived around 100 million years ago, Patagotitan mayorum fossils were first discovered in 2017.

Largest animal lived 100 million years ago on Earth

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